Currently Obsessed with… Santa Baby

I have become absolutely obsessed Lush’s red lip tint called Santa Baby. I am a hoarder of lip products, but this tint is so different to any other product I own. Unlike other balms and tints, this product feels dry. It is a strange concept and definitely will take a bit of getting used to, but I think it’s worth a try.

When you first apply it, only a slight colour will show, giving you a subtle pinky/red shade, but with more product the colour builds to a bright orangey/red bold lip.

Being a dry product, the result looks completely matte but does cling slightly to any dry areas. To combat this patchy look, I have discovered that exfoliating your lips with a lip scrub first provides a perfect base for the lip tint. If you have really dry lips or if you simply don’t like the matt effect of this tint, simply add a little lip balm or lipgloss over the top.

My favourite aspect of Santa Baby is that it lasts for hours and hours! I haven’t counted how long exactly, but it stays in place even after eating. (Drinking however is not so good!)

I recently wore Santa Baby to a recent Christmas event – hence the snowman earrings!

Santa Baby is a limited edition for Christmas and costs £5.50. If you miss out on this tint, don’t worry as Lush produce different shades all year ’round.

What do you think of Santa Baby?