Perfect Hair with Air Motion





It sounds really sad, but I have fallen in love with this hairbrush. I used to bleach my hair, straighten or curl it every day and also wash my hair daily. I cared about what my hair looked like but rarely considered the health of my hair. As expected, my hair ended up in really poor condition, and looking back, it looked awful! I now wash my hair every 2-3 days and leave it to dry naturally, as well as leaving my curling tongs and straighteners for special events only. My hair is now much thicker and looks much more healthy.

Whilst making this transition to achieve healthy hair, I have also been looking at the products I use on my. I now use masks very frequently and opt for much kinder brushes, to reduce fall out. Before discovering my amazing Air Motion brush, I was using a Tangle Teaser. Don’t get me wrong, I love Tangle Teasers and shall always keep one in my handbag, but I really miss having a handle on my hair brush. I find a handled brush much easier to manoeuvre and much more comfortable to hold.

My Air Motion brush has the same gentle bristles as a Tangle Teaser, but I think they’re longer, as the get through my hair much more easily. The brush apparently has built-in AirShock absorption technology to aid the brushing experience – I’m not entirely sure how this works, but it feels great (and somehow expensive, if a hairbrush can feel expensive?!) on my hair.

The brush is also incredibly lightweight, so you won’t be left with an aching arm every morning. I am absolutely shocked by the price of this brush, as the quality is very high. It retails at only £11.95 and is available in either pink or white.

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Would you swap your brush for an Air Motion brush?

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