20 Things Do To At The Weekend

No matter who you are, weekends are precious. Whether your plans have crumbled at the last minute, the weather has changed you exciting day out or if you simply can’t decide what you want to do, I have pulled together a little list of ideas to ensure you’re never bored again!
1. Bake – whether they’re Instagram-worthy cupcakes, or simply a batch of healthy meals to freeze in preparation for the following week.

2. Go for a long walk – embrace where you live and discover places you haven’t been before.

3. Pack your favourite foods and go for a picnic – a local park or field will so nicely

4. Have a BBQ – dust off the BBQ or buy a disposable

5. Visit the beach – lucky enough to live by the coast? Make the most of it!

6. Go somewhere new – perhaps a town or city you haven’t visited before

7. Food – go for brunch, lunch, afternoon tea or dinner

8. DIY – that new picture you still haven’t gotten ’round to putting up!

9. Have a coffee with a friend

10. Try yoga at home – Youtube a workout!

11. Pamper yourself – hair mask, face mask, mani, pedi, tan etc.

12. Bike ride – hire one for a small fee or raid the shed at the end of the garden!

13. Go shopping – treat yourself to that pair of shoes you have been lusting over

14. Go for a swim – local pool / sports centre / spa

15. Book a treatment at a spa or salom

16. Visit the zoo – a personal favourite of mine

17. Visit some friends you haven’t seen for a while

18. Start a blog about something you’re passionate about

19. Read a good book

20. Buy a magazine and catch up on gossip

21. Rearrange furniture in your house

22. Have a wardrobe clear-out, and donate clothes to charity

23. Visit a local park

24. Go to a car boot sale – buying or selling, there are bargains to be found!

25. Have a movie marathon / Netflix session

26. Go to the cinema – a date or a chic flick with the girls

27. Visit a museum – embrace a little culture!

28. Play a board game

29. Try some photography

20. Go for a drink or two – pub, cocktail bar or a glass of wine with a few friends

What else do you like to do at the weekend when you’re bored and don’t know what to do?