The #SLBloggerBash

Last Friday I attended the #SLBloggerBash in London, a fantastic blogger event hosted by the lovely Scarlett Dixon of and Search Laboratory. I was lucky enough to attend Scarlett’s last Bloggers Festival last September which was amazing, so was very excited when an invitation to the Blogger Bash landed in my inbox. The #SLBloggerBash was essentially a networking event, where a collection of fashion and lifestyle brands and 100 bloggers met. If you’re a blogger who hasn’t yet attended a blogging event, I would definitely recommend attending one of Scarlett’s events, as everyone is always very welcoming and you’re guaranteed to have an amazing time.


First up was Urban Outfitters. Urban Outfitters is an amazing brand that I have loved for years. They always have to most amazing clothes and often stock trends far sooner than other retailers. From designer wear to highstreet, and everything in between. Urban Outfitters also have my heart for their incredible homewear/gift department. They always stock the most weird and wonderful gifts that you’ll struggle to find elsewhere – always a winner for secret santa or for that one person that has everything!
What I was unaware of, however, is that Urban Outfitters now stock a range of beauty products. As a beauty fanatic, this was hugely exciting to me! In fact, their stand at #SLBloggerBash displayed some amazing competition prizes, including their second prize beauty box (below). I had my eye on this box throughout the event, so was over the moon when I found out that it was mine! Incredibly large and heavy to lug home, but oh-so worth it! (I shall tell you all about the contents in an upcoming post!)






After admiring the Urban Outfitters stand, I moved on to do some wine tasting! Despite my boyfriend’s and friend’s passion for wine tasting, I’ve never gotten into it. Quite frankly, I know nothing about wine (other than the fact I love Zinfandel) and tend to by bottles of wine based on how pretty the label is! We had to guess which wine was which out of a selection of five, and I dread to think how I did! It was a hoot nevertheless!


After failing miserably at wine tasting, I visited the Wynsor’s stand (and admired their delicious, glittery cupcakes!) Wynsors is a shoe brand I hadn’t come across before, but I have since discovered some rather lovely looking loafers on their website, so I’d definitely recommend exploring!


Bloggers were encouraged to bake cakes for the #SLBloggerBash – how amazing and professional do they look? I absolutely loved the cupcakes below in particular, and was far too excited when I had the chance to sample a slice of a sweet pizza! Sweet Pizzas are unfortunately based up north, which is devastating news for all Londoners, as they are amazing!



 We then had Bon Prix, a lovely fashion brand with the most gorgeous baby
blue leather jacket and this incredible red necklace (below).


We then admired the beautiful dresses by Quiz, and were encouraged to
take a ‘prom queen selfie’, wearing a sash and tiara! Unfortunately it was
probably the ugliest selfie I have ever taken, so it hasn’t made it to my blog,
but it was fun nevertheless!

I had such a lovely time meeting the brands and bloggers at the
#SLBloggerBash! Have you been to events similar to this?