Top of the Tans

I am a huge fan of fake tan. From spray tans, to tanning at home, I love exploring new tanning products. In fact, I’ve just realised that I have over 16 bottles on the go at the moment! As summer is fast approaching, I thought I would share my favourite tanning products, in case you’re looking for the perfect bottle to hide those milk-bottle legs!



Urban Tan is the latest addition to my tan collection – in fact, a brand I hadn’t previously come across. What I like most about these bottles are the ingredients. They contain CoEnzyme Q10 (used in Nivea anti-ageing skincare products) which is a very impressive ingredient which helps to tighten the skin and reduce the signs of ageing. All ingredients in Urban Tan are vegan and paraben free, which makes them both kind to your skin and cruelty-free. I personally prefer the darker shade (as I do with all brands!) as it creates a natural-looking, deep tan.

The only negatives about Urban Tan that I have found is that the creams are quite hard to apply – for some reason they don’t glide across my skin as easily as other lotions of mousses, and I am occasionally left with streaks on my hands and feet.

Urban Tan costs £18.99 for light/medium and £19.99 for medium/dark and is available HERE.

St. Moriz have a wide range of tans for every occasion, including my previous favourite Dark Lotion. I used the Dark Lotion all the time and absolutely loved it, but having discovered these two new products, I haven’t looked back. (Admittedly, I do get excited by new things!) Firstly we have the St. Moriz Fast Self Tanning Mousse which develops in 1-3 hours depending on how dark you wish to wear your tan, and secondly, the St. Moriz Gradual Self Tanning Lotion. Containing aloe vera and vitamin E, both tans are hydrating on the skin and create such a natural-looking shade, and neither will leave you smelling of digestive biscuits!

What I like most about these products are the fact they don’t streak. I recently put this to the test by applying the Fast tan using a mitt, but applying it in a hurry and not taking as much care as I usually would. I applied the tan twice on some areas of my body, once on others, and actually slept in the Fast tan! When I woke up, the guide colour looked pretty patchy – particularly on my arms and ankles, but once I had showered the patches had completely gone. I have no idea how, but this really is a fool-proof tan!

St. Moriz Fast tanning mousse costs £5.99.

St. Moriz Gradual tanning lotion costs £4.99.


Madame LA LA is a beautiful tanning mousse which lasts approximately 10 days, and contains added ingredients of cocoa water, aloe, vitamin E and green tea. It tans your skin to a beautifully natural-looking shade, and doesn’t appear to leave the skin feeling dry. My favourite part of this tan is that it doesn’t smell of fake tan, but instead of coconut. The scent makes me think of beaches in the summer and brings back lovely memories.

Madame LA LA tanning mousse is available for £36.00 HERE.


Tropez tan is my favourite brand when it comes to spray tanning, as the colour
always looks beautiful and their beauty therapists are always so well trained
(in my experience!) Whenever I am spray tanned, I always find that the tan on
my face fades first, so I like to top it up using the St. Tropez gradual face
tan in  particular. All St. Tropez tans can be found HERE.



When it comes to longevity, Vita Liberata 3 Week Lotion is
amazing. Most tans last 4-8 days on me usually, but this tan honestly lasts
16-21 days without fading or going patchy. It does require a couple of
applications to ensure it’s life span, but if you’re preparing for a holiday,
or simply don’t have the time to keep applying tan, this bottle is for you.
It’s slightly warmer toned than these other tanning products, so I have to be
careful not to over-apply as it can look slightly orangey!

Vita Liberata 2-3 week tan costs £37.50
and is available HERE.

Which are your
favourite tans?