Sleep is something I have always struggled with, even when I was a baby. I find it incredibly hard to fall asleep, and very rarely sleep all night without awaking. Not only does this leave me feeling exhausted all the time and lacking in energy, but it also appears to hinder my immune system as I’m often run down.

So, when Time4Sleep got in touch, I was intrigued. Time4Sleep is a bed and mattress specialist and is running a sleep and fitness campaign to see how the amount of sleep you have affects your exercise levels. To partake in this campaign, they kindly sent me a couple of This Works products to help me sleep, Virgin Active vouchers and a diary to record my progress.

This Works Deep Sleep Pillow Talk contains two products to naturally help you to drift away to sleep. This Works Deep Sleep Pillow Spray is essentially a blend of lavender and vetivert, which you spritz onto your pillow to help you to slow down an unwind, and Stress Less is a 5ml roll on inhaler which aims to clear your head and help you to breathe more deeply, to help you sleep.

Quite literally dreamy, these products smell incredible. I’m not sure whether they really work or whether they’re having some sort of placebo effect, but I felt been sleeping better since I started using them. I have had more energy and generally been in a more positive mood!

My boyfriend and I try to go for a walk every single evening, and I workout from home three times a week too. Normally I like the idea of walking, but don’t often have as much energy as I’d like to after coming home from work, and my home workouts are something I often dread! (Don’t get me wrong, I always feel better after exercising, but summoning the energy to start is somewhat tricky!)

I definitely feel that getting quality sleep each night enables me to have more energy throughout the day so I can focus on fitness.

What do you do to ensure you sleep well?

*PR Samples