Beauty Buzzwords

There are always a number of key buzzwords floating around the beauty industry, but it can be tricky if you don’t know what they mean. Adverts, packaging and sales representatives may throw terminology at you that sounds impressive, but do you ever sit and wonder what they actually mean?

Natural ingredients are derived from a non-synthetic source

Ingredients of natural, chemical-free plant-based origin, but also encompasses specific growing and processing conditions that limit the use of synthetics, harsh chemicals etc.

Ingredients which help to fight the effects of free radicals

Free radicals
Highly reactive, oxygenated chemical that can damage healthy skin cells. They have been implicated in causing damage to the body including premature ageing. Free radical damage stems from pollution, UV rays, radiation and other environmental stressors.

All vitamin A derivatives used in skincare

An elastic substance in your skin that provides support. Collagen is a popular ingredient in skincare, but there is some controversy over whether it can actually be absorbed by the skin due to the molecule size

Usually fragrance-free, containing no irritants. However, this is not a guarantee that the user won’t suffer from an allergic reaction

Micellar Water
Tiny molecules of oil suspended in soft water that attract grease, impurities and makeup