How to be productive and make the most of your time

I don’t know if it’s just me, but in the autumn and winter, I find it much harder to stay motivated and have a productive day. Since the days are short, I find myself huddled up under a blanket watching Netflix rather than getting on with my to-do list.


I’ve recently got myself back on track and am much more focused, so thought I’d share what I’m doing to ensure I am as productive as possible.


1. Remove the distractions.

Now I’m not saying that you should get rid of anything that could possibly be classed as a distraction, but do have a think about your surroundings. If you find it hard to concentrate in a particular environment, make some changes. It might be tidying your workspace, wearing an extra layer so you’re not sat there sulking about being too cold, or even putting some music on to mask any distracting noises!


2. Make a plan

Whether it’s a brief to-do list on a post-it note or a detailed schedule on a spreadsheet, make a plan that works for you. I tend to make lists whenever possible and allocate time to each task when I’m feeling stressed. How long will the task really take me, and when would be best to do this? For example, I save time by taking all my blog photos in bulk during one session at the weekend. Admittedly through winter I don’t have enough light in the evenings to take photos, but this also saves time as I don’t have to set up my backgrounds and props multiple times a week.


3. Utilise your time

Since changing jobs, I’ve now got a fairly hefty commute on the train, but I now use the time to write blog posts on my iPad. By the time I get home, I often not in the mood to write, so this commute time is really saving my blog at the moment. Try using your lunch break to do something productive, or simply get up an hour earlier at the weekend. It really can make such a difference when you’re tight for time.


4. Don’t panic

Worrying and feeling stressed is a waste of energy and time (although can be difficult to avoid). Take a deep breath and put the tasks in front of you into perspective. What will really happen if they don’t get done? If you’re able to complete a task now, do. If not, is it the end of the world? If something goes wrong that can’t be put right, accept and move on.


What helps you to remain productive through the colder months?