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Saturday night marked the opening of a brand new bar in St Albans called Suckerpunch. Since I was following their Twitter and Instagram feeds avidly in the lead up to the to launch, I couldn’t wait to see what this new venue had in store.


Suckerpunch Bar is located on George Street, St Albans, which is a fantastic and easily accessible location, with lots going on nearby. From the outside, it appeared fairly dark, with a subtle sign above the door, but as soon I stepped inside, there was an incredible buzzy atmosphere.


With dimmed lighting and copper furnishings, Suckerpunch looks rather like a quirky venue you would find in London, rather than in St Albans. Each table was full of groups of people laughing and enjoying cocktails with friends. It was also nice to see such a wide age range of customers.


We had reserved a table upstairs in the bar, which I believe is going to be a room for private functions. Many cocktails and a few bottle of prosecco later (we did our best to sample the whole menu, but may have to return…), we headed off for the night just as the bar was closing.


Overall, a great night with some of my favourite people, in a fantastic venue. I shall definitely be returning soon!

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