I’m on YouTube!




When I first created my blog I didn’t expect anyone to read it. I wrote reviews of my favourite beauty products purely for my own enjoyment and didn’t tell a soul! After a few weeks of writing and taking horrendously poor photos, I noticed that people were starting to read my rambles. People from all over the world had stumbled across my little website (not many people, admittedly, but still real humans!)


After a few months I finally felt brave enough to share my blog on Twitter, and was astonished when I didn’t immediately receive negative comments; in fact, quite the opposite.


Over the last two and a half years my blog has gradually grown into a website I am proud of. It is far from perfect, but nothing is perfect and that’s okay. Although it involves constant hard work, and hours and hours of my time every single day, I love blogging.


Over the past year I’ve been contemplating starting a YouTube channel to expand my blog further. Whilst I love to write, I sometimes feel that some products can be more easily demonstrated and reviewed via video.


I am not brave in front of a camera. Like many, I feel nervous and mess up my words. I also have no video editing experience either!


However over the last few months in particular, I have eased myself into speaking to a camera through my Snapchat and am often asked whether I’m planning to start YouTube-ing!


So, I thought I would give it a go! It’s not a beautifully-edited and put together piece of film; but simply an introduction to my new channel. I’m quite an amateur – I managed to smash a bulb from my lightbox, and spent hours crying with laughter at myself when playing it back… but somehow it has made it to the internet!


I hope you like it… please subscribe to my channel if you do!