Time Bomb Haircare Review

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Although I am a huge fan of the Time Bomb luxury skincare range, I have only recently been introduced to their haircare range. Admittedly, I was instantly drawn-in by the gorgeous packaging – the simplistic design gives it a very ‘clean’ feel, so I was eager to find out whether the contents lived up to its appealing exterior.

The Larger Than Life Shampoo and Conditioner (as you may have already guessed) are designed for thin hair, to add volume. They are sulphate-free formulas with a unique vitamin peptide complex to add volume to your locks.

I absolutely loved both the Shampoo and Conditioner – they have a delicate yet beautiful scent, and are very effective. I was particularly impressed by how well the shampoo lathered, allowing a little product to go a long way, and it didn’t leave my hair feeling dry (as many shampoos do). I left the conditioner in for a couple of minutes, and it left my hair feeling treated but it did not weigh my hair down. My hair looked and felt in great condition after use and looked subtly thicker.

I was also kindly given the Strike A Pose Modeling Hair Spray and the High Profile Thicken & Lift Spray to try. Unfortunately (aside from a quick photo), I haven’t had the chance to try the Strike A Pose Modeling Hair Spray as it was quickly snatched by my boyfriend who took a great shining to it! However, I can only assume that it works well, as he’s religiously used it since with no complaints and it has replaced his various other hair styling products!

The High Profile Thicken & Lift Spray is a light-weight, non-sticky yet effective product which I personally like to spray into the roots of my hair with my head upside down! It helps to add volume to your hair by gently lifting and holding your hair in place.

The Time Bomb haircare range costs £16.50 each and is available here.


Have you tried any Time Bomb products before?

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