How to Improve your Instagram


I’m by no means an expert when it comes to Instagram. There are endless more beautiful and more popular profiles than mine, but it is my most-followed social platform and one of my favourite forms of social media. I’m often asked how to improve on Instagram, so I thought I’d share what I have done to give my Instagram account that little boost.


Don’t over-edit or over-filter

I personally love to look at beautiful, bright images on Instagram, but photos with too many filters on don’t often look natural or relatable. Over-filtered images can often be hard to see, and the quality of the image is also often compromised. Instead of just throwing a filter on your image, try and tweak the image yourself, and do it slowly! Make slight adjustments – think ‘less is more’. Personally, I like to brighten my images, slightly sharpen and then sometimes weak the temperature. It completely depends on the individual image, and I make adjustments accordingly.


Edit your photos outside of Instagram

Following on from my previous point, avoid these filters and poor editing by utilising photo-editing apps outside of Instagram. I quite honestly NEVER use Instagram filters or it’s editing software as I don’t like what it does to my images. There are endless free apps available to choose from – my personal favourite is Afterlight, but I know many bloggers love VSCO too.


Post regularly

Try to post as regularly as possible – once or twice a day is absolutely perfect. Uploading over five posts a day can spam your followers’ timelines, but you can also be forgotten about if you only post every fortnight. Upload regularly to ensure people keep returning to your grid. As I don’t have time to take many photos during the week, I take a selection of images at the weekend, so I have a bank of images ready for the following week.


Post content you would like to see

Not sure what to take photos of? Have a think about what you would like to see. If you like makeup looks, Instagram that. If you prefer meal inspiration, take a snap of your delicious brunch! I personally like to see a mixture of fashion, beauty and lifestyle posts, so I can get a broader overview of the instagrammer’s life – therefore, I try to share a variety of content.


Post high quality images

Personally, I take all of my instagram photos on my camera, and then send them to my phone to edit and upload. This ensures my images are crisp and as detailed as possible. Having said that, Instagram images can look just as effective from a smartphone camera – just ensure you are using natural light and use a steady hand!


Write personal / engaging captions

Beautiful imagery and your follower count is all very well, but an engaged audience is a must. Your Instagram can become a community with regular comments on each picture, but people often need encouraging. Ask questions, or leave personal or amusing comments to encourage interaction.


Be social

Interact with other people’s posts. ‘Like’ and leave relevant comments on images of those you follow, and find new ones by searching your favourite hashtags. Don’t spam – leave genuine comments, and your profile will soon get noticed. This, combined with appropriate hashtags will encourage others to find your page, and your beautiful content will encourage people to follow.


What are your Instagram tips?