New In: Beauty Cupboard

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As a beauty fanatic, I have a huge number of products that I try each week, but only a handful of them really stand out. I thought I would share some of my recent favourites….


Ghost Whitelight Eau De Toilette

Whitelight is the latest scent for her from Ghost housed in the classic Ghost crescent shaped bottle with a holographic twist. It has an overall fresh, crisp and clean scent and is perfect for daytime wear throughout the summer months. With notes of pear and mandarin, patchouli, vanilla and violet, it is a fruity/floral scent with a sophisticated yet contemporary feel.

This is the perfume I have been reaching for on a day-to-day basis over the last few weeks. It’s fresh and light (and the bottle looks stunning on my dressing table)! I have few all-time favourite perfumes, but I prefer to save them for special occasions, so this has become the perfect go-to in the morning. It starts at only £25 for 30ml and is available from The Perfume Shop.


Schwarzkoft Got2B Playful Styling Primer

After mastering the art of DJing at the launch event for the Got2B Playful Styling Primer (video evidence here), I have had the chance to experience this brand new launch for myself.

Essentially, you apply 2-6 pumps of Styling Primer into dry or damp hair before styling, and the product holds your hair in place. It’s designed for braids, buns and curls primarily, and created a natural-looking mattified effect so you won’t even notice it’s there. I initially experienced the primer at the launch event, where I had my hair braided, and then slept with my braid in. When I woke up, not one strand of hair was out of place, and my hair looked absolutely perfect the next day. I have since tried the Got2B Playful Styling Primer for myself, and it’s really easy to use and fun to work with – and essential for keeping braids in place all day (or night) long. I think this is a festival essential, and it currently only costs £3.00 for 100ml from Superdrug!


Airbase HD Micro Finish Powder (HD Glow)

I have recently discovered Airbase makeup – a brand based on the airbrushing application of makeup. I’ve been using their High Definition Micro Finish Powder over my foundation, and it gives the most gorgeous, natural-looking healthy glow to my skin.

The powder is so fine that it doesn’t cake your skin, or look remotely powdery, and feels incredibly lightweight, so you don’t notice it’s there. I now have my eye on their Concealer Palette and Correction Palette which look incredible!


Sherpa Scarf

Not just a gorgeous background, this beautiful pink, patterned scarf is made by communities in Nepal and the company donates a percentage of its sales to the Paldorje Education Fund which provides scholarships to Sherpa children.

This scarf if known as the Semje Scarf; Semja means ‘sentiment beings’ in Tibetan, and the pattern is inspired by the colourful mural paintings found in temples throughout Nepal. The material is lightweight, which makes it a great accessory for adding to a white t-shirt in the summer, and of course will be the perfect accessory through Autumn and Winter too.


What have you been loving this week?