The Best of OGX

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OGX is a brand I have fallen in love with over the last year or so. Recognised by their quirky bottle shape, this haircare range is not to be missed.
As a blogger, I’m lucky enough to try a ridiculous number of haircare products each month – some great, and others that don’t quite make it to the blog. I’m often asked which my favourite brand is, and I have to say that it is OGX.
OGX create a wide range of exotic concoctions to condition and improve your locks, and I’ve spent the last year trying as many as possible! (Tougher than it sounds, as these bottles last AGES, so they really are good value for money!)
If I’m completely honest, I’m yet to find a product I don’t like, so I thought I would share my favourite of each product type…
Shampoo: Coconut Water Shampoo
This shampoo has an almost gel-like consistency, setting it apart from the other shampoos in the range. It smells exotic and feels so fresh on the scalp, cleansing and lathering with ease without causing a drying effect. It’s lightweight and refreshing to use.
Conditioner: Argan Oil of Morocco Conditioner
This was a hard choice because I have a few favourite conditioners, but this is one I can always rely on to tame my dry and damaged ends. Since I regularly have highlights, my hair is prone to breakage, so I need a powerful conditioner to restore the look and feel of my hair. This conditioner does the job with ease, and always leaves my hair feeling so healthy and soft. I always miss using it when I’m trying out other products. I can always rely on it to give me a good hair day!
Treatment: Biotin & Collagen Oil Treatment
I was initially given this oil about a year ago to try and I cannot get enough of it. I use it every day (except when I’m trying other brands for review!) and have repurchased it twice since. A little goes a long way, so I haven’t got through these two spares yet, but I have them ‘just in case’! (Yes, I told you I’m obsessed with them!) I only use a tiny amount of this oil on the very ends of my hair after gently towel-drying it, and it makes such a big difference to my hair. It feels manageable, silky soft and this oil also adds shine to my hair too. Once I’ve massaged it into the very ends of my hair, I apply any excess to the lengths of my hair (from about the ears downwards) and my hair looks incredibly glossy once it has dried.


Have you tried anything from OGX before? What are your favourite products?