Impulse Changing Room


On Tuesday, I had the pleasure of attending the Impulse Changing Room event in London. The event was designed to showcase their iconic range of body spray fragrances, with industry experts there to help us be impulsive and try a new look based on one of their fragrances. The experts included hair stylists, nail artists, makeup artists and stylists: Hare & Bone, Keash Braids, Bea Sweet, Michelle Humphrey and Gemma Rose Breger.

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The idea was that we could choose an impulsive new look inspired by one of the below fragrances…

Impulse Why Not? Body Spray
Why Not? is the brand new limited edition body spray by Impulse, which is in collaboration with talented pop-sensation, Charli XCX. It has a tropical scent, with zesty citrus notes of bergamot, lemon and bitter orange, combined with an infusion of Earl Grey Tea and spices such as cardamom and nutmeg. Why Not? was hand designed by Charli and it features bold jungle-inspired quirky imagery on the can, including palm trees and tigers which depict the tropical fragrance.

Impulse Rock & Love Body Spray
Rock & Love is an oriental scent with notes of amber and orange blossom, creating a bright and uplifting fragrance. It is considered to be an effortlessly cool, sparkling scent with a rock chick vibe!

Impulse Into Glamour Body Spray
Into Glamour is an exotic, feminine scent – a combination of opulent oriental and floral notes with an infusion of sandalwood and vanilla. A classic fragrance with a glamourous style.

Impulse Very Pink Body Spray
Very Pink is a fruity floral fragrance and was first launched in 2010. It contains notes of pink grapefruit and sweet vanilla and is considered to have a romantic feel. Very Pink is Impulse’s best selling fragrance and definitely has a girly feel to it!

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After being greeted with a warm welcome and an icy drink, I headed over to one of the makeup stations, where I was kindly made up by Charli’s very talented makeup artist, Bea Sweet. I arrived after a full day at work (so wasn’t exactly looking my best, especially as it was such a hot day), so she had her work cut out, but she quickly refreshed my face with a subtle contour and finished my look off with a smokey eye.

I then headed to one of the hair stations and was given beautiful waves by a stylist from Hare & Bone. She carefully added volume and waves to my hair with straighteners, then brushed them out and spritzed a few products to give it a more beauty effect.
After admiring my mini makeover and everyone else’s new looks, it was time for a few poses in the photo booth!

p9069899 p9069900 p9069902 impulse-mishchiefpr-199

I had such a lovely time at the Impulse Changing Room, getting made up and trying out the different Impulse body sprays. I loved the Why Not? fragrance in particular – it is so summery and instantly gave me wanderlust!

Have you tried any of the Impulse fragrances before? If there was nothing to stop you, how would you change your look?


*This post is in collaboration with Impulse.