Soaper Duper Review

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It has to be said that body products aren’t hugely my ‘thing’. Whilst I use them regularly, I don’t tend to get particularly excited about new launches, except this one… Soaper Duper.

Soaper Duper is a brand new range of bathroom essentials, which has launched exclusively in Liberty. Soaper Duper has been created by Marcia Kilgore, formerly of Soap & Glory, and has launched with a company commitment to supporting both WaterAid and Clean the World.

With all bath and body products free from parabens, SLS, microbeads and phthalates, and formulated with a number of naturally-derived ingredients, Soaper Duper is definitely worth a spot in your bathroom cupboard.

They have launched with three ranges: Fresh Zesty Lemon, Invigorating Zingy Ginger and Fruity Green Tuberose.


Fresh Zesty Lemon

Fresh Zesty Lemon is my favourite range as I am a huge fan of citrus scents. I’ve been gifted the Miracle Super Moist Hand Cream, which I have fallen in love with. Aside from its delicious scent, it absorbs into my skin very quickly, without leaving any tackiness and keeps my skin feeling incredible soft. I know I shall be repurchasing it over and over again!

There is also a Hand Wash, Body Wash and Body Lotion within the range.


Fruity Green Tuberose

Within the Fruity Green Tuberose range, they have just launched two products: a Body Wash and a Body Lotion with an exotically fruity scent. With passionfruit and pineapple notes, you’ll be wishing it was Summer again!

I love the natural ingredients – in fact the ingredient lists sound like smoothie recipes rather than chemical-filled skincare products! The bottle sizes are very generousĀ and are all recyclable (and many already recycled), making the range both eco-friendly and economical too. Overall, I’m very impressed by this quirky, yet super-effective range!


Have you tried Soaper Duper yet? What are your favourite body care products?