Panasonic Skincare


Over the last few weeks, I’ve completely refreshed my skincare regime with two new tools. I now actually look forward to cleansing my skin and have really noticed my skin looking clearer and generally more balanced and healthy. My new tools are from Panasonic and I cannot recommend them enough…


EH-XC10 – 3-in-1 Micro-Foaming Facial Cleansing Brush

The Facial Cleansing Brush is a double ended tool designed to deeply cleanse the skin. It has a smooth end which warms up – loosening the makeup by applying heat, and a brush end to cleanse more deeply.

Simply pour cleanser into a section on the side of the brush, add water and cleanse. It has a 3 minute setting, and automatically stops once this is complete. Panasonic studies have shown that using this cleansing brush is 18 times more effective than manual cleansing alone!

The bristles of the cleansing brush are incredibly soft, and feel gentle on the skin. I have really sensitive skin, and the brush doesn’t leave my skin looking red at all, but yet manages to completely and easily remove all traces of makeup and impurities.  I absolutely love this brush – it’s really easy and quick to use, very effective, has a very long battery-life and also looks lovely on my bathroom shelf!



EH-X120 – 3-in-1 Micro Current Facial Enhancer

For those wishing to really up their skincare game, I’d also recommend investing in the Micro Current Facial Enhancer which essentially enhances the toning and moisturising steps of your skincare regime. It uses sonic vibrations, warm-to-cool technology and tiny charges that stimulate the movement of ions in the body (micro currents) to improve skin cleansing and hydration.

The ‘purifying’ mode uses an alternating current of positive and negative ions with gentle heat (37-43 degrees celsius) and effortlessly extracts up to 60% more impurities from your pores. Simply attach a cotton wool pad immersed in your favourite toner and let the EH-X120 work its magic.

For the next step, get results of up to 40% deeper penetration of moisturising ingredients. The ionic charge begins a process known as electroosmotic flow which improves molecular water movement. Slowly massage your chosen moisturiser into your skin using the EH-X120 Micro Current Facial enhancer.

Cooling mode (10 degrees) soothes the skin to tighten the pores and reduce puffiness around the eyes. (This feels particularly good when you’re tired!) When the Micro Current Facial Enhancer is put on auto mode, the whole cycle takes 3 minutes, making it quick and easy to fit into your usual daily skincare regime.



I’ve been using both tools for a couple of months now and my skin is looking so much clearer than it was before. I LOVE trying new skincare products, and am so excited to have found tools that actually work! Due to a lot of stress and a fair amount of travelling, my skin had frequent breakouts and tiny bumps across my forehead before I added these two products into my skincare regime. It now looks smooth, heathy and I really enjoy my daily at-home facials!

Have you tried any skincare tools before?

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