Customising Denim with Boohoo

Last week Boohoo kindly invited me to their London offices to view their impressive denim collection and to style my own denim jacket!

The room displayed an array of incredible denim garments – from jeans, to jackets to dresses and dungarees. I have to say that I was particularly taken with a couple of the denim dresses – I think they would look so cute when teamed with a pair of tights and ankle boots, or even layered with a chunky cardie. I also fell in love with a particular pair of blue skinny jeans with a floral design on the upper leg – the detail was stunning. Boohoo are also selling little denim handbags with floral detailing, denim skirts and of course little shorts (if you’re lucky enough to be visiting or living in a hot country at the moment!)

After admiring the Boohoo denim collection, we were invited to choose a denim jacket and then customise it as we pleased.

I chose a black jacket, as I already own a blue denim jacket, but it turned out that most of the other bloggers opted for the black jacket too!

I sat down, in front of a range of accessories – studs, iron-on patches, paints, pens, threads etc. and was let loose on my jacket. Now, I must admit that I am not talented when it comes to textiles. I don’t customise clothing, nor do I own a sewing machine, so I didn’t really know where to start. Luckily I had positioned myself next to two very lovely ladies from Manchester, who work as fashion designers for Boohoo – so I was in safe hands! After rummaging through the various accessories and flicking through look books for inspiration, I decided I wanted to ‘distress’ my jacket along the seams.

It turns out that this is slightly trickier than I had imagined. Having never distressed any item before, I was advised to use a stitch unpicker to gently rip the top layer of the denim on the seams, and then to use sand paper to ‘roughen’ it up.

After attacking the seams, I then decided to add studs to the front of the jacket. It turns out that poking tiny studs through thick denim when you have long nails (and limited patience) is somewhat tricky, so luckily I had a little helping hand to attach these! After looking around at my fellow bloggers’ quirky creations, I decided my jacket needed a little ‘fun’ element to it, so I popped a tiny cactus on to the pocket too.

Take a peek at other people’s creations…

I don’t think Boohoo will be begging me to become one of their fashion designers any time soon, but I had so much fun decorating my jacket and browsing their denim collection, and shall definitely be making an online purchase very soon!

Have you bought any denim from before?