How to Trick Yourself into Being a Morning Person


I love the idea of getting up early and being excited to start the day – I tend to feel an overwhelming sense of guilt for wasting the day on the rare occasion I have a lie-in. But sometimes it can be hard to get up and going in the morning!

Here are my tips for making your early starts that little bit easier, so you can start your day right!


1. Don’t hit snooze – set your alarm for when you actually need to get up, and get up when it goes off! Snoozing for a few extra minutes doesn’t give you any extra energy and just draws out the process. I always find that I feel worse when I don’t get out of bed straight away.
2. Make preparations – do anything you can do the night before to save you time in the morning. Whether it be preparing lunch for the next day, choosing and getting out your outfit or ensuring your essentials are in your handbag. This reduces the ‘getting ready’ time in the morning, when time feels far more precious, and reduces that last minute panic too.
3. Splash your face with water. Even if you’re not someone who likes to take a morning shower, splash your face with water to wake yourself up. Personally, I step out of bed, clip my hair back, and perform my speedy skincare regime before anything else – it really helps me to wake up and I then find I can get dressed, feed the cat etc. whilst my moisturiser is absorbing, before applying my makeup.
4. Don’t rely on coffee – sip water – the hydration boost can awaken you and it’s better for you!
5. Use your phone – now I don’t mean checking all social media channels, as this can simply slow you down in the morning and waste time. It is a good idea however to check your favourite weather app (to ensure you’re dressed appropriately for the day ahead, and can pack an umbrella if required!), and monitor any issues you may face with your commute – check your train operator’s website for overall updates, but I personally prefer to scan their twitter feed as it’s generally updated more regularly. If you drive to work, use Google Maps or your Sat Nav to check for any delays on your route, so you can plan an alternative journey and get to work on time.


Are you a lark or a night owl?


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