Is It Okay To Treat Yourself?

It’s okay…

This has been something that’s been on my mind for quite a while now, so I thought I’d finally write all my thoughts down and share them with you. I want to talk about looking after yourself and treating yourself.

A lot of the time, treating yourself can be seen as a narcissistic, egotistical act. But why? Health, happiness and wellbeing should always come first, so surely we should be encouraged to do things to aid us in these areas.

Over the last few months I’ve been taking some time out to have treatments such as massage and facials. Although I’ve been visiting local and independent places for these treatments and not broadcasting them to everyone, I’ve almost felt a sense of guilt about it. But actually I shouldn’t – it’s okay to look after yourself.

A huge number of people treat themselves to regular manicures, fake tans, hair salon appointments etc. which is widely accepted by others. So why is enjoying a quick back massage perceived as such a ‘luxury’?

I’ve found myself desperately trying to justify my treatments to others – explaining that it’s ‘just a half hour session’, or that it’s a ‘just a low-key place nearby’. However, it’s my money, my time, my body and my life, so why should I feel the need to justify myself to anyone? There are plenty of treatments I do in the comfort of my on home – I gel my own nails, I apply my own fake tan etc. but it’s actually okay to treat yourself. If it is something that puts a smile on your face and isn’t hurting anyone else – my advice would be to just go for it.


What I’ve been treating myself to…

For the last few months I’ve been treating myself to regular back massage. I love massage. I’m a huge worrier, get easily stressed and endure many sleepless nights, but massage is something that really works for me. It’s one of the rare occasions where my mind stops ‘whirling’ and I can escape from the craziness of the world. I always sleep like a baby afterwards too, so I feel like it refreshes my body as well as my mind.

I’ve also been looking after my skin. As many of you know, I’ve been using Proactiv+ skincare products this year which have really helped my skin and it’s really cleared up over the last few months, but I’ve also enjoyed professional facials too.  Facials essentially come in two main varieties – results-driven and relaxation, and I believe that both types have huge benefits.

The other day I re-visited the lovely BeauSynergy clinic in Hertfordshire for a results-driven facial to really give my skin a boost. I enjoyed an Alumier MD facial by Jacqui, who kindly treated my skin a few months ago. You may have seen in my previous review of the salon, but I LOVED the treatment and service, so was excited to return.

I recently enjoyed a results-driven Allumier MD bespoke treatment for sensitive skin, so I thought I’d tell you about what’s involved. Alumier MD was created by PHD biochemists and physicians, with paramedical formulations that work on a cellular level to improve skin health.

After cleansing and a skin analysis, Jacqui applied the Barrier Repair Deep Moisture Mask to infuse my skin with moisture, support my acid mantle (skin barrier) and to soothe irritated skin. Then, she applied Radiant 30 (which is a peel for sensitive skin). This helped to exfoliate any dead skin cells and improve the texture of my skin. After that, I enjoyed twenty minutes of LED light therapy which is designed to hydrate, detoxify, repair, calm and stimulate collagen. Essentially, the LED light therapy is a machine that is placed over your face to treat the skin and it’s something I find really relaxing and calming  (so for me it has that added relaxation/wellbeing element as well as treating my skin).

Once the LED light therapy had worked its magic, Jacqui applied Brightening Accelerator with Eye Rescue Pads, before finishing with Hydracalm moisturiser  to protect, hydrate and soothe my skin.

I left BeauSynergy feeling fantastic. My skin was glowing, and I felt proud of my complexion as well as feeling incredibly relaxed. I’d highly recommend a visit to BeauSynergy – impressive treatments (in fact, I’m already planning my next one) and wonderful service.


Why you should treat yourself…

Now, I’m not saying you should spend hideous amounts of money on weird and wonderful treatments everyday, but do have a think about the value a particular treat has to you. You personally.

Think about the impact it will have on you – any long term or immediate results, how it will make you feel, your finances, your spare time, your health and happiness etc.


It’s okay to put yourself first sometimes and it is so important to look after yourself – not necessarily anything superficial or materialistic, but things that make you happy.