A Trip to Bob Bob Ricard

I’ve now been using Proactiv+ products on my skin each and everyday since January, so I recently met up with the Proactiv+ team to catch up on our skin journeys so far.

Proactiv+ kindly treated us to a wonderful dinner at the beautiful Bob Bob Ricard in London’s Soho. I had never been to Bob Bob Ricard before, and had only seen their famous “press for champagne” buttons on Instagram, so I couldn’t wait to see what it was like inside.

Bob Bob Ricard was stunning. Proactiv+ had kindly reserved a private room for us, which I loved. I’m not a fan of eating in really busy environments, and this was such a great way for us to have a proper, in-depth chat about our individual experiences. (It was also great as it allowed us to take photos without annoying any other customers!)

As I eat a plant-based diet, my courses differed from what is usually on the menu, but I felt thoroughly looked after and my food was delicious. As I’m no food writer, I think the best way to describe the dinner is to show you the photos I captured…


I hadn’t seen the other girls for months, so it was really lovely to catch up and talk about the results we had seen so far from using the Proactiv+ products. We were comparing our favourite products and explaining the difference we had seen in our skin.

When I initially tried the Proactiv+ range, I was nervous that the products would be ‘too much’ for my sensitive skin, and I was concerned that the Complexion Perfecting Hydrator wouldn’t make a great base under my make-up. I was proved wrong on both accounts, so it was lovely to have a laugh about my initial worries.

Something that was especially nice about the evening is that everyone seemed more calm and confident within themselves. I don’t know if I had just imagined it, but everyone seemed much more relaxed and at ease than we had previously been. Another lovely blogger, Skai had had a bit of a nightmare with trains and forgotten her key makeup pieces, so had arrived to the dinner without any foundation on, and I can honestly say that her skin looked INCREDIBLE. If she hadn’t told us, we would have been none the wiser – she was glowing.

I had a lovely time celebrating my ‘new skin’ with Proactiv+, and as cheesy as it sounds, I’m pleased to say I’ve never felt so confident about my complexion!

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*This post is sponsored by Proactiv+, but all thoughts are my own.