To Continue Blogging?

So first of all, I must apologise for my lack of blog posts recently. Life has gotten a little crazy recently, and my little space on the internet has taken a bit of a back seat.

I started to fall out of love with blogging. I always said from the beginning (back in summer 2013), that I would only blog for as long as it kept being fun. My blog isn’t my job – it’s a huge part of my life, but simply a hobby to me.

I was always so excited about my website. I worked on it every single day without fail, and was constantly excited about new content I was creating and pleased to be working with some of my favourite brands. I’ve also met some amazing friends through blogging.

But more recently, it stopped being fun.

A relentless inbox, competitiveness amongst bloggers and a severe lack of time left me feeling really stressed and overwhelmed by it all. I felt that I was always behind on replying to emails, my content was never good enough and I wasn’t simply doing enough. With the new Instagram algorithm on top of all of this, I felt really deflated and uninspired to write.

I love writing, I love what I write about, and I love taking photos. But when a hobby turns into one big ball of stress, is it worth doing?

I kept my thoughts about all of this very much to myself (I’m not the best at sharing my feelings!), before offloading my worries to my boyfriend, Andy.

I explained to him that I felt like I was failing, and couldn’t cope with everything that comes with blogging. (There’s an awful lot more that goes into a blog than non-bloggers may think!) I found myself getting tearful about my slowly decreasing Instagram followers, and my overflowing inbox.

But, why has something that was a fun hobby taken over my life in such a crazy way? Andy asked me why I initially started blogging, reminded me that my little world wouldn’t actually fall apart if I stopped completely, and that I am in control of it all.

I’ve been thinking a lot since getting so upset about everything. He’s right – I am perfectly within my right to stop blogging. I don’t have to work with any brands ever again if I don’t want to, and I can delete my Instagram account if I wish. I may have spent a fair few years working very hard on my blog and everything that surrounds it, but is it really a hobby if all it causes me is stress?

So, I’ve been mulling over whether to ‘quit’ blogging.

Instead of dropping it all, I’m going to really think about every ounce of energy I pour into it. I shall only write as and when I want to write – not sticking to a strict schedule; I shall work with far fewer brands so I don’t get bombarded with emails; I shall prioritise my social life over my blog – not the other way around; and I shall only blog in such a way that it makes me happy.