How to Stop Washing Your Hair Everyday


I’m someone who used to be obsessed with washing their hair everyday. Not just every day, but every morning. First thing, in fact.

I’m not someone who has ever been particular ‘into’ hair styling, (nor particularly good at it, for that matter,) but I have always hated the feeling of greasy hair.

As someone with oily skin, my sebaceous glands are almost always in overdrive, producing far more oil than my skin needs, which can also affect your hair. Personally, my scalp doesn’t get especially oily, but the front of my hair (that touches my face) always has. It looks horrible, but the feeling to me is vile!

To avoid getting greasy hair, I ended up washing my hair every single morning without fail, which, unknowingly encouraged my hair to become more greasy more quickly. Not really what I had intended!

Hair washing is not something I have ever particularly enjoyed however, and it is of course really time-consuming. Not only was I washing my hair each morning, but drying it, straightening and styling it every day too. A long, laborious process which I have never enjoyed (particularly not at about 6am), which was causing more and more damage to my hair.

In attempt to save both my time and my hair, I decided I was going to be brave and not wash my hair quite so often. This started with washing it in the evening and letting my hair dry naturally when I had the time, but now has resulted in only two hair washes per week at most. It’s taken me about a year or so to get into this routine, but it’s made such a difference to my hair’s health and has significantly reduced how long I take to get ready in the morning!

  1. Double Shampoo. A tip I learned a few years ago from the lovely Lee Stafford is to shampoo your hair twice when you’re washing it. This is something I’d never previously considered, but it makes such  difference and I’m sure it enables my hair to stay cleaner for longer.
  2. Don’t Condition your Roots. It may sound obvious, but don’t apply conditioner or serums to the roots of your hair, as it can weigh your hair down and make it look and feel dirtier more quickly. I tend to only apply conditioner, serums and oils from about my ears down, as a rule of thumb!
  3. Befriend Dry Shampoo. Dry Shampoo can be a nightmare when you accidentally spray too much in one place, and you end up looking like you’ve poured self-rasising flour on your head, but finding the right one for you can be life-changing! (Okay, hair-changing.) I’ve tried various brands over the years, but my absolutely favourite is xx Dry Shampoo. It’s a little pricier, but I find that I get a lot more uses out of this bottle than other brands, and it never makes me hair go all white and powdery. It somehow just magically rids my roots of oils and my hair looks and feels freshly washed. I’ll be re-purchasing this for a long time!
  4. Re-Think Your Sleeping Routine. As someone who has always slept badly, nightmares and hot nights can leave my hair looking less than sexy. Have a think about your bedding, choice of pyjamas, room temperature and nighttime hair style to see whether you can make any changes to help this. Perhaps a lighter duvet, or tying your hair up at night might make all the difference.
  5. Try New Styles. So, I’m awful at doing this, but it really can make a huge difference. Change up your hairstyles each day and experiment to see what works for you, your routine and your locks. Perhaps a sleek ponytail hides a multitude of sins, a top-knot hides a messy barnet or a french plait hides dry shampoo residue? Play around and see what works for you.
  6. Invest in ‘nice’ products. So now I’m washing my hair less frequently, I’m using far less product. So that means I can treat to myself to more expensive products and not spend any more money… right? Whether that’s true or not, not only can ‘nicer’ products be better for your hair (please take a look at ingredients, rather than the price tag!), but can also be more enjoyable to use. Maybe I’m on my own with this, but if I’m using a product or styler I really like, I tend to take more care when using it.

My favourite products:

Shampoo: Maui Moisture Strength & Anti-Breakage Shampoo (vegan)

Conditioner: Maui Moisture Heal & Hydrate Conditioner (vegan)

Dry Shampoo: Living Proof Healthy Hair Dry Shampoo

Hair Brush: Wet Brush

Hair Dryer: Lanai Blo

Straighteners: GHD Premium Styler

Curlers: T3 Whirl Trio (Didn’t realise, but this is actually my hair being styled on the website!)


How often do you wash your hair?

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