My Secret Love for TK Maxx

I’ve been shopping at TK Maxx for years. From being taken there by my parents when I was a child (and not really understanding the appeal at the time) to now, where I visit a fair few stores (embarrassingly regularly) hunting down exciting, unique finds.

Luckily, Andy shares my love for TK Maxx, and we almost always shop there together. I shop womenswear, he shops menswear and we then meet to show each other our amazing findings before we do a big try-on in the fitting rooms. We often pick bits out for each other too (which is sometimes a little hit and miss!).

After a big try-on (and often modelling our favourite bits for each other) we then browse the show section and homeware together. Once we’ve undoubtedly filled our basket, we head to the till, of course picking up some accessories, a drink or some treats in the queue.

The fact that we actually have the above routine for TK Maxx perhaps suggests we visit a little too often…!

Anyway, it’s always fun, and we never know what we’re going to find, so it’s quite an exciting way to shop.

So, I’m sure you can imagine my excitement when I heard that the Milton Keynes branch of TX Maxx was having a little makeover and a refit.

On Saturday we (obviously I brought Andy) headed over to Milton Keynes for a little shopping day. After a quick detour to T2 (my favourite tea shop – I couldn’t resist), we immediately spotted the newly refurbished TK Maxx as it had a huge archway entrance made from red and white balloons.

After a quick photo by the balloons (a must, right?) we met with a colour consultant who told me about the colour wheel and how your skin tone, eye colour, hair colour and personality should affect the clothes you wear.

Andy and I then parted ways – he headed upstairs to browse the menswear section and I made my way around the womenswear. I have to admit that the store looked much brighter and fresher than before, an each section was clearly labelled.

I actually started my shop at the back of the store by browsing the beautiful handbags, arranged perfectly by colour. I then headed to the jewellery section which had an impressive array of styles, followed by the shoe department. I found a gorgeous pair of baby pink loafers which were 40% off.

I then meandered through all the clothing sections, adding a swimsuit, navy trousers, grey dress, black floral skirt and a blouse to my basket. After comparing finds with Andy (of course), I decided to buy the grey dress and the black floral skirt as they were such good value, the dress was only £10.00, which I couldn’t believe and only realised when I got to the till, and the floaty floral skirt was 50% off the RRP!

Do you shop in TK Maxx? I’m always impressed with the fantastic labels, but I also find it such a great way of discovering new brands.


This post is a paid-for advertisement by TK Maxx, however all my thoughts and opinions are my own.