Finding Your Personal Style


Personal style is a rather strange thing, and it can sometimes be hard to find your own personal style. Your tastes may also chop and change as you grow older, so your personal style may adapt to your lifestyle and your growing taste.

Whilst the formality of your outfit may be dictated to you by the situation you’re in, you can pretty much put your own ‘stamp’ on every outfit you wear. This doesn’t mean you need to spend hours to find a particular idea that nobody else has thought of, it’s simply thinking about the type of clothes that you feel happy in.

Your personal style can be made up of a number of elements – particular colours and designs you tend to lean towards, styles of garments that you feel comfortable in, and different clothes that fit your body.

As the name suggests, it’s a truly personal thing, and something that is completely down to you to decide.

I believe my personal style to be fairly classic, but to also have a bit of a twist. I don’t like to wear clothes that make me hugely stand out from the crowd, but I do like to wear clothes that I genuinely enjoy wearing and that I feel good in.



Let’s talk about types of garments.


Jeans are my go-to when it comes to ‘bottoms’. More specifically, skinny jeans in dark colours. I feel most comfortable in high waisted black skinny jeans and they go with most of my wardrobe. I love that I can wear them with trainers and a sweatshirt for a super casual look, ankle or knee length black boots in Winter, or I wear them with heels ‘and a nice top’ for an evening look.

I choose skinny jeans because I prefer to have more loose-fitting tops, and I find that I can look a bit strange if both my top and trousers are loose-fitting or baggy. I also feel relatively happy about my legs. Of course I’d prefer them to be longer, thinner, more toned, more tanned and with less cellulite, but overall, they’re not bad! I think that skinny jeans tend to be flattering on me. I own skinny jeans in a range of blues and even white, but really deep indigo blue and black skinnies are my go-to and definitely my favourites. I don’t ‘do’ ripped jeans!


Tailored trousers are also something that I love, but I find it hard to find a pair that looks flattering on me. High-waisted cigarette pants seem to be the best option for my figure, but I’m still experimenting a little with tailored trousers. I love that they have a really polished and well put together feel, but can also be dressed down when paired with the right garments.


When it comes to skirts and shorts, I choose tailored or denim styles again. For shorts, I like short shorts (as it flatters my legs the best in my opinion), but I don’t like my bum to be on show! For skirts, mini skirts, midi skirts just below the knee and maxi skirts are my favourites. I find that hemlines that finish just above my ankles or just above my knee can looks very odd on me.


When looking for tops, I steer clear from anything too tight round the stomach. It’s an area I’m really self-conscious of and therefore always looking to cover up. I have a naturally fairly small waist, but have awful digestion, and bloat at the drop of a hat. I bloat when I’m dehydrated, when I’m hungry, when I’ve had certain foods and when I’m stressed. And I really bloat. I look about 8 months pregnant and am often in a lot of pain with it (so if anyone has any digestive advice, please shout).

At the same time, I don’t want to look like I’m drowning in a top, so I’d perhaps choose something that’s slightly fitted around my arms, shoulders or chest, and then more floaty around the waist and bottom.


Dresses, jumpsuits and playsuits are all very welcomed in my wardrobe. I love that when you wear one, you’ve basically completed your whole outfit and there’s only shoes and accessories to think about. Having said that, jumpsuits and playsuits are a nightmare when going to the loo, so dresses outshine both in my books!

When it comes to dresses, I like styles that are fitted around my waist, but are more loose-fitting beneath the waistline (to make room for possible bloating or a big lunch!) or more of a shift dress style which is more fitted around my bust, then more forgiving on the rest of my figure. Bodycon is not my thing!


Colourwise, my wardrobe is pretty monochrome – black, white and various greys. I like biscuit-beige, baby pink and most shades of blue too, so you’ll also find these in my wardrobe. I don’t really do red, yellow or green very often!


There are also thinks I won’t wear – some trends and some more general items I will always avoid because I simply don’t like them.


Just NOT for me….

  1. I can’t stand the colour khaki so therefore would never wear it. It’s hugely popular and pretty much everyone I know wears it, but it’s really not for me. I don’t think I’ve owned anything khaki since I was about 9 years old (one pair of hideous baggy skater trousers – very Avril Lavigne!
  2. Animal prints. Other than one ridiculous pair of leopard print stilettoes I once owned, I’m not really a fan. Again, I think some leopard prints can look really cool on other people, but it’s just not for me.
  3. I love bodycon on other people, but it’s really not flattering on me. I just don’t think I’m curvy enough to pull it off, and my stomach really isn’t made for it!
  4. Choker-style necklaces. I’m just really fussy when it comes to jewellery! I love antique jewellery, minimalistic and delicate pieces and always in classic yellow gold.
  5. Ripped jeans. Again, they can look really cool on other people, but they’re not my thing.


Dress: H&M

Earrings: Diamond Heaven

Shoes: H&M (similar)


How would you describe your personal style? Is there anything you never wear?